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When considering the purchase of a new or resale personal residence, second home or investment property it's important to find someone who not only understands your needs but also has the time, experience & knowledge to help you make sound informed decisions. For many the task of choosing a Realtor to represent them in either the sale or purchase of real estate is a relatively easy process simply choosing the Realtor referred by a trusted friend or family member. For others the task can be far more difficult. With numerous companies and hundreds of registered Realtors to choose from finding someone you can trust to properly lead you through what may be the largest financial transaction of your life may be somewhat daunting.

To assist you in determining if hiring our team is the proper decision for you consider the following. It has long been suggested that 80% of real estate is sold by 20% of the Realtors. Although those figures would vary year-to-year and city-to-city the premise that the majority of the real estate sold is facilitated by a small overall percentage of Realtors is correct. So in choosing someone to represent you it would seem appropriate to determine who the members of this minority are and why they consistently outperform.

Firstly our company! Surveys have proven conclusively that RE/MAX is the #1 recognized name in real estate worldwide. That said most moves are local in nature so global brand recognition may seem unimportant. Locally, RE/MAX Sarnia Realty Inc. is consistently #1, typically leading our closest competitors by at least 10-15%. In 2015 the average number of sales per agent on the Sarnia Lambton Real Estate Board was 15 with the  number of sales for our team at 122 or 61 sales per agent. This highlights the consistent out performance our team provides our clients.

The largest and certainly the most important part of the decision rest with choosing the individual or individuals to represent your interests. So what are some of the attributes that differentiate Realtors and account for the large difference in performance?

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