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Selling a home in Sarnia

Helping you sell your Sarnia home.

Selling real estate can be an extremely stressful undertaking. Wanting to maximize selling price while minimizing the time required to do so can present many complexities and having someone with the knowledge and experience to explain them all is of significant importance.

Our team consistently outperforms because we possess the knowledge, experience and marketing tools to assist in helping you meet those objectives. What is it that allows us to consistently outperform?Our company! Surveys have proven conclusively that RE/MAX is the

Recognized name in real estate worldwide. That said most moves are local in nature so global brand recognition may seem unimportant. Locally, RE/MAX Sarnia Realty Inc. is consistently #1, typically leading our closest competitors by at least 10-15%. In 2015 the average number of sales per agent on the Sarnia Lambton Real Estate Board was 15 with  our team recording 122 or 61 sales per agent. This highlights the consistent out performance our team provides our clients.

Our Experience! With over 34 years combined full time experience we know what's required to meet your objectives. Explaining all complexities you may face when selling and recommending strategies to overcome them substantially reduces unpleasant surprises.

Our Technology! Employing the latest technology allows us to market your property in the best light and to as many people as possible in an efficient manner. From the phones, tablets and computers that keep us connected to our clients as well as one another, to the high-end photography equipment and software to showcase your home. This combined with our personal website designed to offer full size quality photos not available through the MLS system, conventional print ads and other promotional material allow us to efficiently let the world know your property is available.

Our Time! Real estate is a demanding business! Open for business 365 days a year and 12-14 hours per day accommodating the other areas of your life while making the clients needs a priority can be challenging. One of the many benefits of choosing our team is the flexibility and number of hours of availability to serve our clients. If the team member you're working with is tied up with another client, away on a holiday or unavailable for any reason another member of our team will step up to meet your needs.So if you are thinking of selling a property why not allow us the time, without any obligation, to explain why our team is the best choice to get you moving!

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